Key Holding Security Is Crucial for Your Business

Key Holding

As a business owner, you cannot watch over your workplace all the time. There will always be the risk of someone breaking in after hours, stealing company data, property or employee information and leaving your business in trouble. For peace of mind, you need a system in place to ensure if an intruder does attempt to break in, security officers will respond quickly to keep your business protected. This is what key holding security gives you.
Let’s go through exactly what key holding consists of and the benefits it will provide to your business.

What is Key Holding?

Key holding is one of Empire’s main security services. We act as the primary key holders for your business by keeping a spare set of keys in a secure location, so if anyone with entry permission gets locked out, access is always guaranteed. We can also respond to emergency callouts to the premises after working hours.

In terms of attempted break-ins, as primary key holders we will be immediately notified once an intruder activates an alarm and will send trained security officers to inspect the site, any time, day or night. Following our quick alarm response, we will thoroughly check the building and its surrounding area to find the trigger of the alarm. A report will then be sent to you to determine if any further measures need to be put in place to improve security on the premises.

What Are the Benefits to Key Holding?

We supply trained security officers who are responsible for the security of your business during non-working hours. There is no danger to you or your employees as there is no liability for you or them to act should a break-in happen.

Using Empire means there is no need to assign and manage internal key holders, which can be time consuming for your management team. It can also be dangerous for untrained employees to attend the scene of an urgent call-out. 

Our services provide wellbeing and peace of mind that your business’s premises are secure, so you can relax once you clock off.       

It is cost-effective to have key holding security all year round, as opposed to the financial hit your business will face after suffering just one break-in.    

Empire Security Services is amongst the UK’s most trusted providers of security guards. We are leading experts in key holding security.

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