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Security Guard Careers

Security careers with Empire are incredibly fulfilling and ideally suited for those who excel in problem solving, have good communication skills or are passionate about becoming a professional security officer. If you are thinking of joining a dedicated security team then you’re in the right place.

Our security guard careers include work in: retail, concierge, personal protection, dog handlers and event venue security.

Please download our application form and contact our staff for more information and opportunities.

Cleaning Careers

Empire offer a comprehensive range of cleaning opportunities for individuals either looking to start their career in cleaning or take it to the next level. We provide professional, high-quality training and vetting to ensure both you and your colleagues are adept and safe when performing cleaning work.

Our cleaners work in partnership with esteemed industry suppliers and use the best industry-standard cleaning equipment, setting the groundwork for a successful career.

For more information about a career in cleaning with Empire, please contact us today!