Incorporate Business CCTV to Ensure Your Assets Are Secure

CCTV is a great way to monitor your business property. All business owners will be aware of how much confidential data, expensive equipment and important assets are kept on site. Whilst it’s advisable to take various security measures, including alarms, manned guards and mobile vehicle patrols, CCTV offers you the opportunity to keep an eye on things remotely when not at work.

There are many advantages to incorporating business CCTV. We’ll give you an outline of them and you could find yourself installing it soon.

business CCTV

Benefits of a live CCTV Monitoring System

A key benefit to this CCTV system is having access to a 24-hour stream of the premises. If you suspect there may have been a break-in or attempted break-in, the CCTV can be checked quickly with notifications sent directly to you. Footage can be passed onto the relevant authorities if a crime has been committed.

But it’s not only crucial for security purposes, it also helps with company efficiency regarding the ability to remain on top of employee activity. If there are accusations from employees in the workplace, CCTV can prove or disprove a claim with less hassle.

Live CCTV monitoring systems work in collaboration with monitoring security teams. These security personnel can act as key holders, responding to incidents the CCTV has tracked. Empire Security Services supply fully trained and licensed security teams to ensure your business is protected.

Motion Sensor CCTV

If your budget is a little tighter, you might consider sensor activated CCTV. This uses alarm activations to detect when somebody is on the premises. You or an outsourced security team in a monitoring control room will be alerted to their presence and act accordingly if it is a suspected trespasser.

Empire provide this CCTV service as a package with manned guarding, lock/unlock capabilities and key holding.

Running a business is hard enough work. Putting security measures in place may make it easier.

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