Mobile Patrol Vehicles

Mobile Patrol Vehicles

If you are looking for different ways to keep your business safe and secure or you do not require the services of a full-time security officer, you may want to consider utilising a mobile patrol security vehicle. Mobile patrols offer the advantage of having a physical and responsive presence unlike that of security cameras or alarms.

With individual or business properties often being a target for burglars, intruders, or vandals, our mobile security patrol vehicles are an ideal and effective method for protecting your property from external issues.

A uniformed security officer in an Empire Security Services written vehicle will patrol your premises at specified times outside your usual operating hours to regularly check your building’s security status, keeping it safe and reinforce security presence.

Would Mobile Security Patrols Benefit My Business?

Mobile security patrol vehicles are a valuable alternative to static or manned guarding for several reasons including:

  • Visible security presence
  • Regular security checks outside of office hours.
  • More ground can be covered in less time
  • Patrols can be verified via key point readers, providing you with a report detailing what actions have taken place.
  • Through regular patrols, inconsistencies or changes are easily identified and addressed.
  • Immediate response to emergency situations due to the accessibility of a vehicle.


All staff are fully vetted, DBS clear and SIA licenced guards


Our mobile patrol units are tailored to suit your needs

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All our Mobile vehicles are branded with security livery

Mobile Patrol Vehicles


Highly trained staff

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Our mobile security guards will provide a physical presence to deter unwanted intruders