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Discover what it takes to become a professional security officer by enrolling in our wide-ranging security guard training West Midlands courses.  At Empire Security Services Ltd, we provide you with the skills required to succeed within this industry and build a successful career.

Within the security services industry you can choose between a security guard course or a door supervisor course but which one is the best for you?

The security guard training West Midlands course is a three-day course in which there are three modules. However, we would suggest that rather than doing the security guarding course you should go for the door supervisor course which includes an extra unit.  Our door supervisor training course covers the same units of security guarding but with the additional unit of physical intervention.  This additional unit will enable you to perform a far wider variety of roles and will greatly increase your chances of employment, whilst also enabling you to still work in security guarding if you wish.  You can work in licensed premises such as bars, clubs, events and festivals which security guards alone may not be able to work in if alcohol is being served without an SIA licence which is obtained through the supervisor course.

What Is An SIA Licence?

The SIA are responsible for licencing and regulating the security industry, ensuring that people within the industry are ‘fit and proper’ as well as being qualified & trained to an acceptable level to do the job.

An SIA licence is a compulsory security guard license that any individual needs before they can undertake designated activities within the private security industry. The licence covers manned guarding, security guarding, door supervision, close protection, cash and valuables in transit, and surveillance using CCTV, key holding, and mobile vehicle patrol.


Security Guard Training West Midlands – Modules

As fully qualified trainers, we have what it takes to teach you to become a professional and successful security officer.  The modules through the security guard training West Midlands course to become a security supervisor include:

  • Working within the Private security Industry
  • Working as a door supervisor within the private security industry
  • Conflict management within the security industry
  • Physical intervention skills module.


Click here to find out more about what each module entails.

If you would like more information about security guard training West Midlands or obtaining your SIA licence get in touch with us today on 0845 458 4575

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