Security Dogs Birmingham

Empire Security Services specialise in providing  k9 security dogs Birmingham for a variety of services and sectors.

We are accredited for the use of trained security dogs and have highly qualified and experienced K9 security dog handlers available 24/7, 365 days a year who are all qualified to the latest standards (B.I.P.D.T, NTIPDU, N.A.S.D.U and compliant with BS8517), always providing a professional and admirable service.  This combination of canine and SIA-trained personnel can be a huge benefit in reducing criminal activity across all sectors.

Why Choose Security Dogs Birmingham For Extra Protection?

The sight of a security dog and handler is an incredibly effective deterrent to criminal activity, making vandals, thieves and other criminals think twice before entering your site or property.

With our security dogs Birmingham service, it is an efficient solution to covering a large area when compared to other security methods. Potential thieves and intruders also hate security dogs because they are noisy and will alert security and draw attention to them. They have an incredible sense of smell, sharp hearing, and great orientation skills, and in most cases will alert the dog handler long before any CCTV would have picked it up.

K9 Dog Protection Empire Security Services

The Benefits of Deploying Security Dogs Over Just a Security Guard

  • Trained to alert security or their handler when a potential intruder is present.
  • Security dogs can sense intruders from a greater distance due to their incredible smell, sight, and hearing.
  • They will show controlled aggression when confronted with threatening behaviour.
  • The presence of security dogs Birmingham helps detail a suspect until police arrive.
  • Just the sight of a security dog will help deter criminals.

Are Security Dogs a Safe Security Option?

It is sometimes questioned how safe security dogs Birmingham are when it comes to using them for protection due to animals being known to be unpredictable and impulsive.  When it comes to security dogs it is completely different due to the rigorous training, in-depth assessments, and character tests they go through before being allowed to work in active operational environments.

They are trained to react only on command and when they detect danger or a threat to their handler.  They are also required to work on a lead at all times.

Where Are Security Dogs Birmingham Normally Utilised?

A dog handler and their security dog Birmingham can literally work anywhere.  These can include:

  • Property of private individuals
  • Large and small businesses
  • Construction sites
  • Industrial sites
  • Commercial facilities
  • Agricultural sites
  • Festivals
  • TV production sets
  • Anywhere that requires a visual presence
K9 Security Birmingham Empire Security Services

If you would like more information on how Empire Security Services can assist with increasing your security presence at your property or site with our security dogs Birmingham, get in touch today.  We offer a no-obligation quote and a free site survey to advise you on the best option for your requirements.

Call us on 0845 458 4575 or contact us here.

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