Key Holding West Midlands

What is Key holding West Midlands?

Our key holding service in the West Midlands is where we securely hold onto a spare set of keys for your home or business, allowing us to respond to threats whenever we are needed.

All keys are securely tracked and safely stored away, giving you a sense of reassurance and security.

What our key holders do for you

Since police budgets are being cut, the private security industry in the West Midlands area is here to fill in that space to help always keep your home or business safe.

Our main priority is to always keep you and your property in the West Midlands safe and secure at all times.

We offer 24 hour, all-year-round key holding services and alarm response, meaning we keep keys or access codes in a guaranteed secure location, allowing us access to the premises in the event of an alarm activation.

Our alarm response time is immediate and carried out by our highly trained SIA Accredited mobile officers, eliminating the need to manage internal key holders, and ensuring only professionally trained security personnel arrive at potentially dangerous scenes.

Process of key holding West Midlands

  • Key handover
  • Alarm activation
  • False alarms
  • Genuine emergency
  • Full report
Key Holding and alarm response Empire Security Services

How does key holding in the West Midlands work?

In the West Midlands some businesses, typically smaller-sized companies, will nominate a selected member of personnel to respond to emergencies.  They will have a set of keys or specific access codes, and will be alerted when an alarm is set off, no matter the time of day or night.

In some cases, this method works for small shops or offices in safe surroundings, but for larger companies, especially companies in busy urban areas or industrial zones, need something more substantial. This is where our specialist key holding services come in.

A professional key holding service like Empire will take the first-response duties on themselves. We will have a set of keys to access your premises, locked up securely in a safe location, and will use them to gain access to the building in the event of an emergency.

The next working day, a report is then sent outlining all relevant details to keep you informed.

Benefits of key holders West Midlands

Our Keyholding services in the West Midlands remove all the inconvenience and risk assessment when it comes to out-of-hours alarm activations, our keyholders will execute this task for you.

Benefits of key holding include:

  • Peace of mind and well being
  • Staff safety
  • No personal risk
  • Fully trained specialists to deal with any situation
  • Insurance Compliant
  • Full audit trail
Key Holding Empire Security

Fast and Flexible 24/7 Response

Health and safety Improved

Expert situation

Thread Reduction

If you would like more information on our key holding service please contact us today where one of our trained experts will happily answer any questions you may have.  Call us on 0845 458 4575

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