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Birmingham K9 Security 

Keeping your business premises secure is amongst any business owner’s top priorities. Empire Security Services offer a selection of security systems to provide this, with our K9 security Birmingham being a reliable and proven method to keep private property safe.

If you’re in need of K9 security in Birmingham, then look no further than Empire. We offer the highest standard of dog security to ensure protection for your land and buildings. We are a leading supplier of trained security dogs and security dog handlers across Birmingham, successfully maintaining security for numerous clients.

K9 Security from Empire Security Services
K9 Security Birmingham Empire Security Services

Local K9 Business

As a local business ourselves, we want to support other local businesses in Birmingham. At Empire, we build strong, professional relationships with clients as they trust our security dogs and handlers to protect their assets. We will work to the maximum to ensure a client’s needs are met, providing bespoke services for each client on an individual basis.

Business owners are busy running their company. Whilst they will likely appreciate the importance of security, they may not have the time to implement it themselves. Using Empire’s K9 security Birmingham protection means one less thing to worry about for your business. Particularly crucial for when nobody can be on-site, for instance at night or on the weekend.

Empire is vastly experienced, but we are always looking to increase our skills and security capabilities, including an increase in security dog handlers to expand our reach further beyond Birmingham and the West Midlands.

Why use our K9 Security in Birmingham?

The benefits of Empire’s K9 security includes:

  • Experienced security dog handlers and an expert management team to sustain the consistent quality we take pride in providing
  • Adaptable and flexible approach for each client. We can implement a strategy for providing the most appropriate dogs and handlers for your premises, dependent on area size, access restrictions etc.
  • 24/7 protection. No matter the time or day, we provide all-year round K9 security to give complete reassurance.
  • Qualified NASDU/NTIPDU handlers, above the industry standard.
K9 Dog Protection Empire Security Services

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Please contact us today for more information about our K9 Security services in Birmingham. Call Empire on 0845 458 4575, email contact@empiress.co.uk, or fill out a contact form here.

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