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If you run a business in Birmingham, whether it is in the commercial sector or the public sector, you need to ensure the working space is kept clean to maintain the health of your staff and any potential customers.

This is especially important throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Failure to implement a hygienic work environment could have drastic consequences for your business. If staff are required to self-isolate and work cannot be completed, the business will undoubtedly suffer.

Aside from the pandemic, cleaning is always vital. Cleaner work areas improve productivity and employee morale. They also present a good impression to customers that your business is vibrant and organised.


Empire’s Cleaning Services Birmingham

Empire Security Services provide high quality cleaning services and facilities management in Birmingham. Our dedicated cleaning services Birmingham staff are fully trained and vetted in a variety of cleaning duties for businesses based in general offices, retail centres and construction sites.

Empire are the most reliable cleaning service suppliers in Birmingham, never dismissing a job we have the capabilities to perform. We liaise with clients on a case-by-case basis, including taking a site survey to help advise them on the best cleaning measures to suit their needs. If you want specific cleaning requirements or a general package, our bespoke, competitive quotes cannot be matched, and neither can our renowned professional equipment suppliers.

Empire are fully insured, with clear pricing structures. We won’t trip you up with additional extras on the bill. We are happy to hold discussions with enquirers and give a no-obligation estimate.

Empire’s cleaning services Birmingham staff fulfil all duties in a safe manner, for both the public and the environment.

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