Alarm Response Solihull

Empire Security is the trusted company for keyholding & alarm response in Solihull. It’s said it should take 20 minutes for the primary keyholder to respond when an intruder alarm is activated according to the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO). At Empire Security, we work in accordance with the BS7984 code of practice, ensuring our standards are incredibly high and deliver proficient fast-acting Alarm Response in Solihull and surrounding areas.

Empire Services for Alarm Response in Solihull

Empire Security Services offer competitive cost rates. Our skilled team are licenced, trained and uniformed to act as your primary keyholding personnel so we can efficiently disable and inspect the intruder alarm activation.

All of our response drivers receive Security Industry Authority (SIA) training, and we equip them with the best technology available to support them. We comprehensively monitor our driver’s performance against stringent key performance indicators. We are passionate about our alarm response teams' welfare, and that’s why we have a 24/7 control room to monitor their accountability and safety.

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Empire offers all year round, 24/7 key holding and alarm response in Solihull and surrounding areas. In the event of alarm activation, we skilfully access the premises with rapid time response with access codes and keys located in a guaranteed secure location. With scenes being potentially dangerous, why deal with internal key holders when our team are fully accredited and trained for these moments? What’s more, we continually keep you informed with a report being sent out the next day following an alarm activation.

Alarm Response Solihull with Empire Security Services

Rapid & Safe Alarm Response

Unfortunately, theft and damage can occur upon entry to your property. Our response officers are trained for these moments so no case will stun us. We are here for your protection and if you need us to stay to secure your building, we will meet these needs without hesitation. No job is complete until all relevant safety measures and security are complete. We take control of these situations effectively and If needed, we liaise with emergency services and are proud to have out of hour contacts that safeguard all perimeters of the property on-site.

Protect your uilding with Empire's alarm response Solihull

What are the Benefits?

There are many benefits to having Empire Security’s keyholding and alarm response in Solihull. We want to make it clear to you what these are:


  • Eliminate Risk of consequent personal liability, possibly protection you and your staff – in the event of an intruder, our response team are available and ready to react 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!


  • Avoiding confusion – Empire provides a rapid, effective response at all times due to the specialist training and experience our key holding personnel have – no matter the circumstances! If you have an in-house key holder or even multiple key holders that can’t effectively communicate, time is lost, and significant damage may occur.


  • Well-being and peace of mind – any worry you have away from your property will diminish once in the safe hands of Empire. We look after your interested and always provide appropriate action when required, therefore relieve you from your worries.


  • Provide Audit trail – ALL call outs and visits are followed up by a detailed audit report the next day.


  • Insurance Advantages! – During a period where your alarm isn’t functioning, your insurance may be nullified under the terms of many policies. Empire can maintain security at your property if required to avoid your policy running into trouble, should an intruder be present.


  • Deterrents – Once you are on board with Emerald Security Services, we have a presence that help deter intruders. Signage is put up at your property that ensures the intruder won’t have an easy job breaking into your premises.


Empire also offers other professional services, these include: